The Sensory Garden at Lakeside Park has been redesigned to utilize drought tolerant Mediterranean and native plants that  provide fragrance, sound and color for the senses. The garden is organized to offer the visitor a succession of experiences. Features  include:

1• Entry Attraction: Colorful and fragrant plantings at the entry gate  invite exploration

• Tactile Pathway Edges:
Fragrant and textured plantings are touchable in a five foot wide strip along raised planting beds

• Color and Sound Meadow: Bold drifts of plantings provide a spectrum of color and rustle in the breezes

• Central Water Feature: Visible from the entrance, the water feature provides lively sounds and movement in the heart of the garden

• Lavender Hill: A mass planting of several lavender species provide an impressive display of color and scent
• Bold Salvias: Vibrant colors of an array of sages draw the visitor into the garden

• Seating Area: Renewed benches provide a destination and resting spot for visitors