Pol3Our beautiful gardens are in vibrant bloom – or should we say, “vibrating,” considering all the pollinators buzzing among our various gardens corners! Come visit and appreciate all the work we’ve done, to not only create lovely specialty gardens, but also create habitat for our diminishing pollinators. Our Monarchs have largely migrated away, but the bees and butterflies and hummingbirds are holding down the fort.

Pol1Our famous Bee Hotel has a new sign that is a marker of our partnership with the Oakland Museum down the street. It heralds their bee exhibit, running through the end of the year: Tiny Insect, Big Impact. Check the sign for info about the show and directions to the museum. Did you know the bee hotel is modeled after one in a Paris Garden? http://www.museumca.org/exhibit/bees

The Mediterranean garden is especially beautiful right now, dripping with golden poppies and some red Flanders poppies back behind a bench. As always the Easterbrook Fountain anchors this beautiful spot near the back of the garden. Don’t miss the entrance to the Palm Garden out the back corner. The ancient specimens there will dazzle you. https://gardensatlakemerritt.org/newly-refurbished-italian-marble-fountain-delights-visitors-and-birds-in-the-mediterranean-garden/

IMG_9650Mediterranean Garden Fountain