We are excited to have Gray Davidson’s Dancing Serpent at Autumn Lights, fresh off the Playa! This is his 2015 art project for #BurningMan festival. Gray Davidson recently moved to the Bay Area to take advantage of the strong local community focused on industrial, technological and performance arts. Gray’s most recent sculpture, The Dancing Serpent, was funded under an art grant from The Burning Man Festival in 2015 and created with a crew of volunteers.

Regardless of medium or scale, Gray’s interest is in artwork which incorporates technology, engineering and a strong sense of design to create works which are complicated, impressive and elegant. The serpent is 28 feet long, 12 feet high, made of glass and steel, and emits propane flames from its mouth and dorsal fins.Look for it in the Firescape Garden during Autumn Lights at The Gardens at Lake Merritt.