1The Mediterranean Garden in the Gardens of Lakeside Park is, located in the heart of Oakland adjacent to Lake Merritt.   This project is a joint effort of the Oakland-East Bay Garden Center Inc., the Northern California Chapter of the Palm Society, and the Northern California Chapter of the Mediterranean Garden Society. This unique garden includes:
•    The restored historic Easterbrook Fountain as the garden’s centerpiece,  a gift to the City of Oakland in 1914
•    Demonstration gardens with Mediterranean-climate plants that showcase five “color palette” combinations and provide inspiration for gardening with low water-use plants appropriate for the Bay Area
•    Classic four-quadrant planting beds with radiating gravel pathways and interior “pathway ribbons” for close plant inspection
•    Educational displays accessible to a large urban audience that demonstrate sustainable gardening techniques and plant information
•    Seating areas for viewing the garden and intimate spaces for special events and celebrations

ADMISSION is free; donations to help maintain and improve the garden are gratefully accepted.

Please make a tax-deductible contribution to the Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation with “Mediterranean Garden” on the memo line.  Mail to Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation, P.O. Box 13267, Oakland, CA 94661.  For more information, contact Bruce Cobbledick at brucecobbledick@earthlink.net