Mud Light Lanterns is a group of clay artists connected to Laney College in Oakland. They each construct a beautiful, individually illuminated art piece. All these the lanterns will be nestled throughout our Sensory Garden during our Autumn Lights Festival October 16-17, lighting everything with a magical, soft glow. We are excited to welcome these artists back this year.

The group ranges from professional exhibiting artists, teachers, intermediate and advanced students. Around 25 artists create from 40 to 60 unique ceramic garden lanterns to be exhibited in the Sensory Garden during the Autumn Lights Festival. As a group they see the Gardens at Lake Merritt as a wonderful resource for our Oakland Community and are pleased that the lanterns contribute to the festival each year.

All the lanterns will be for sale with 10% of all proceeds going back to the garden. For Individual pricing and contact information please see our website The website will be available for shopping throughout the year.