September 2015

Keiko Nelson’s Magic is Back for Autumn Lights

World-famous artist Keiko Nelson is one of our most renowned artists, with recent installations in Cairo and Kyoto. This years she is again exploring the theme of world peace. Keiko plans an elaborate lighted construction of doves that floats over the Japanese garden pond. The art and light piece will be made of made of […]

Laney College’s Lanterns in the Sensory Garden

Mud Light Lanterns is a group of clay artists connected to Laney College in Oakland. They each construct a beautiful, individually illuminated art piece. All these the lanterns will be nestled throughout our Sensory Garden during our Autumn Lights Festival October 16-17, lighting everything with a magical, soft glow. We are excited to welcome these […]

Bonsai Garden Opens for Autumn Lights

The Bonsai Gardens at the Gardens at Lake Merritt celebrates its 15th Anniversary this year and will be open with docent guided tours during Autumn Lights. The glowing Japanese lanterns among the Bonsai that can be hundreds of years old – this is a sight to behold! The GSBF Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt is […]

August 2015

Join us at the Autumn Lights Festival, October 16-17, 6-11 PM

“I walked among the dimly lit oaks with distant music drifting in the air. I thought how very much I liked the Oakland that was being created before my eyes. The event was multiracial and free-spirited; the sculpture sang in the balmy night…My, it was gaudy. The exhibits glowed and sparkled and occasionally talked. The […]

July 2015

Introducing Our New Volunteer Coordinator: Susi Bryer

Hi Susi Bryer, welcome to our blog! We’re excited to have you with us. Congratulations on your recent appointment as Volunteer Coordinator for The Gardens at Lake Merritt, we’ve looked a long time to find someone as qualified as you are!

Can you tell us about your gardening experience and horticultural education?

I’ve always loved being in […]

June 2015

New-Volunteer Recruitment Evening: Tuesday August 18

If you miss having your hands in garden dirt, we invite you to think about volunteering with The Gardens at Lake Merritt! We are holding our second new-volunteer recruitment evening in the Garden. We are looking for garden volunteers as well as volunteers for the Autumn Light Festival in October.

Tuesday, August 18

5:30 pm to […]

The Torii Gate and Our Sister City

The large vermillion Torii gate serves as a landmark for the entire Gardens of Lake Merritt. Located at the end of the back entry path and at the edge of the forested heart of the garden, it represents the inward journey from the profane to the sacred. The original Torii Gate was a gift […]

Edible Gardens at The Gardens at Lake Merritt

Edible Gardens Along the verdant south edge of The Gardens at Lake Merritt!

Growing organic produce is an enriching and dynamic process offering lots of benefits to gardeners and to the community. Oakland’s Office of Parks and Recreation is underscoring these benefits with a new demonstration program at its Lakeside Park Demonstration Garden located in the […]

Gardens at Lake Merritt in Sunset Magazine Weekend

The Gardens at Lake Merritt will join tens of thousands of Sunset Magazine exhibitors and fans at the magazine’s 2015 Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park, June 6th and 7th.

Our Gardens will have a booth, and a few of our treasured ancient Bonsai trees will be part of a featured garden installation. The magazine “comes to […]

May 2015

Summer in the Gardens

Our beautiful gardens are in vibrant bloom – or should we say, “vibrating,” considering all the pollinators buzzing among our various gardens corners! Come visit and appreciate all the work we’ve done, to not only create lovely specialty gardens, but also create habitat for our diminishing pollinators. Our Monarchs have largely migrated away, but the […]