Creating art in the garden has been a part of Andrea Hurd’s life since she was a small girl. Growing up in rural Oregon, creating artistic projects out of natural materials was a form of play. In a high school Art History class, Andrea learned about the Earth Art movement, and became a big fan of Andy Goldsworthy.

812507Over the past 20 years, Andrea has practiced Permaculture techniques as well as dry stacked stone building techniques in her garden designs and installations. As a member of The Stone Foundation, an international stonemason’s trade association, Andrea has gained training in the art of dry stacked stone building in England, Scotland, Mallorca and Cambodia. Her knowledge of the ancient techniques of these regions gives her work strength and structure, to which she adds inspiration to the designs through her own artistic vision. look for her knee pots around the garden. Butterflies, dragonflies and other pollinators will drink from them. The Pollinator Posse loves these and her stone fountains! Look for her at Autumn Lights.