Bay-Friendly Gardening

Bay-Friendly Gardening mimics natural systems, which recycle everything—water, debris, and nutrients—endlessly. It pays attention to climate and local conditions and uses appropriate plants that are adapted to those conditions. It follows maintenance practices that support the goals of conserving resources and reducing waste.

Bay-Friendly gardens aren’t a mold you have to fit into—they offer endless opportunities, […]

It’s Hard to Keep a Good Weed Down

Article submitted by K. Ruby Blume, The  Institute of Urban Homesteading,

California coastal winters, rain followed by periods of crisp sunshine, result in massive amounts of weeds in our gardens.  I spend days upon days weeding out what is unwanted and it seems there is always more.  Plants are opportunists of the best kind and their seeds will slip into small bits of dirt and widen cracks in sidewalks.  They find their way to distressed soil, where the more pampered horticultural plants would never think of settling.  They are tough survivors with strong constituents and tenacious roots.   They know how to do a lot with few resources.  The type and amount of weeds you find in your yard tell a story about your soil. […]

Secret Garden Tours Delight and Educate Oakland Children

Why do bees prefer yellow flowers to red flowers? Hundreds of Oakland grade school children know the answer, thanks to an Oakland Museum school program featuring the Gardens at Lake Merritt. The program, known as the Secret Garden Tour, provides students with an understanding and appreciation of the mysteries and beauty of the natural world. […]