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Coming to my senses in Lakeside Park

Story by Mary Ellen Navas: The Gardenless Gardener.

Walking along the sloped curved path, inhaling the lavender on one side and fragrant mediterranean perennials on the other, I felt my shoulders drop as I exhaled… and then I heard it, the rhythmic, persistent trickle of water on my right just ahead, occasional buzzing around me, and soft sounds of leaves moving in the light breeze. Where had I gotten to? How could I just minutes ago have been in a traffic snarl on Grand Avenue? Was this still Oakland? I closed my eyes and listened carefully, becoming still and breathing in the fragrance around me. Only then could I faintly hear traffic sounds and the irregular schop-schop of someone pruning a shrub nearby.

I felt awakened by those moments. This was my introduction to the newly refurbished Sensory Garden, where I was to meet Susan Veit, one of the community activists responsible for bringing this treasure back to life. Originally opened in the 1970s as the Fragrance and Herb Garden, the intention was to make this corner of Lakeside Park more accessible to visually impaired people. Along with the better known Bonsai and Japanese Gardens, it is but one of ten distinct areas that now constitute the Demonstration Gardens that are adjacent to Lakeside Garden Center. […]

Welcome to The Palm Garden

Welcome to The Lakeside Palmetum – Considered the most extensive established collection of cool Mediterranean and high altitude tropical palms in the United States.

Welcome to The Edible Garden

Welcome to The Edible Garden

Large vegetable and flowerbeds showcase organic methods of food production, and include gardening and composting demonstrations.

Water, a Limited Resource

by Katherine Greenberg

Water is essential for life on earth, and it is a limited and valuable resource in the mediterranean climate regions of winter rain and long dry summers.

Historically, nations with water had power, and that is still true today. In the last century elaborate systems of dams and water distribution facilities have made water available on a scale that was unimaginable in the past. Even with these advances, demand exceeds supply in many areas where water supplies are stressed by human activities. Humanity is facing a shortage of fresh water due to population pressures, droughts, depleted wells and aquifers, salt water intrusion and pollution. […]

Welcome to The Mediterranean Garden at Lakeside Park