Welcome to the Gardens at Lake Merritt. Come join us to see seven acres of unique and beautiful themed gardens. Free general admission to Gardens daily.

Our Monarch Program Takes Flight!

We have been working for years to foster our Monarch butterfly population, and this year it is going kind of crazy! Over the past three years, we planted milkweed, and the beautiful creatures came.  We picked up caterpillars and protected them indoors, until the chrysalises broke open with more Monarchs.  Monarchs migrate out in the summer, and back in the winter.

We released 30 Monarchs the first year, 300 the second year and in 2015 over 900.  They are back now, on their mysterious trip from Mexico to British Columbia.   We hS evening clusters of Monarchs in our Dawn redwood trees in December and Jana]uary. The clusters are usually only seen at major coastal California overwintering sites like Santa Cruz and Pacific Grove and Pismo Beach. There is a smaller site at the San Leandro Golf course and a spot in Berekeley. Ours is smaller, and we are told by the The Xerces […]

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Chrysalis Necklaces

Our Chrysalis Necklace Fundraiser
We invite you to help our pollinator dreams take flight by ordering one of these incredible Chrysalis necklaces!  A perfect gift, your purchase supports the work of our Pollinator Posse and the Gardens at Lake Merritt.  The artist generously contributes a third of each sale to us.

The green glass […]

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Meet-Up Group for Volunteers at the Gardens!

There is a new Meet-Up Group for volunteers for the garden – follow this link and join us to get a small, manageable project to work on with some new or old friends! This Satuday at 10:30 is the first one! We’ll get started with a 1 hour informational and […]